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During the day you will see so much wildlife. We see Dolphins, Manatees, Turtles Osprey, Eagles and so much more.

Spin And Bait Trips
For morning and full day trips I like to leave the dock at 7:00am. For afternoon trips expect to leave around 12:00pm to 1:00pm. In the winter months these boat rides can be very cool so layers of clothing are highly recommend. If there are baitfish available we will stop and throw a cast net and load the live wells. If the bait fish are nonexistent we will use artificial and or shrimp. I like to fish and move and not sit on a spot if it is unproductive. That means 10 to 15 minutes without any action we move on.

Fly trips
Depending on angler experience there are a few methods I prefer.

For the experienced fly caster I like to pole the boat with the angler on the bow casting down mangrove shorelines and sight casting to fish we can see in the shallows on lower tide levels. The main Targets will be Snook, Redfish, and Tarpon depending on the time of year. Snook like the water warm and the Tarpon like the water temps at least, in the low 70’s. The Redfish seem to tolerate all temps.

Next method is running under diving birds and casting to pods of baitfish getting hammered by many different species. It Could be Big Jacks, Ladyfish, Bonito, Spanish Mackerel, and sometimes Tarpon. This can be some fast action and the birds help us locate the fish

Also chumming with live baits is an effective way to get the fish to take the fly. I can throw handfuls of wounded baitfish to get the fish feeding and then casting a fly into the middle can be an excellent way to fool the fish.

Another great trip is Night Snooking under the dock lights. After the sun goes down we can take the boat in the local canals and fish the lights. You can actually see the fish laying at the surface waiting for a baitfish to come through. A well-placed fly is just what the doctor ordered.

Come experience the best fishing the Everglades has to offer. Whether you prefer bait fishing, plug fishing, jig fishing, or fly fishing, Capt. Aron will go out of his way to make sure you have a good time.

Updated regularly, Capt. Aron’s reports highlight recent catches, as well as fishing conditions. See what is biting when, and check out some pictures. Have you caught a fish on Aron’s boat? Maybe you are in there

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